Maxi Cosi Rodi SPS Car Seat – Basic Black

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No matter how long your trip is, as a parent, you want your little one to be safe in the car. The Maxi-Cosi Rodi SPS is our most affordable child car seat. It makes sure your child enjoys a safe comfortable journey every time you hit the road.


One of the best features of our Maxi-Cosi Rodi SPS, is that it fits almost any car. The child seat is attached with the seat belt of the car, so it should fit yours too. Simply place the child seat on the back seat of your car, buckle up with the seat belt, and your are ready to go.



At Maxi-Cosi, your little one’s safety is our highest priority. From infant carriers for newborn babies to car seats for 12-year-olds, we are here to help carry families happily into the future.


Our safe Rodi SPS car seat is equipped with a Side Protection System, protecting your little one from damaging side impacts. In case of a side collision, Maxi-Cosi Rodi SPS’s SPS (Side Protection System) reduces the risk of an injury by absorbing the force of an impact, making sure your child is well-protected.


Safe and simple child seat

Besides its super safe Side Protection System, we constructed our Maxi-Cosi Rodi SPS to be as light as possible, making it easy for you as a parent to carry and transfer the car seat to another car. It’s extremely convenient if you own a second car! The simple child seat is safely attached by your car’s seat belt, allowing it to fit most cars.


The lightweight car seat remains comfortable for your little one as they grow. Its headrest’s adjustable height adapts to your child’s growth, all the way up to when they turn 12!


Removable cover

Because your little one could get car sick on the road, the cover of our Maxi-Cosi car seat can easily be removed. So no matter what happens, you’ll have no problem washing Maxi-Cosi’s car seat cover in the washing machine.

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Ease of use

  •  Installed by car seatbelt
  •  Lightweight and easy to switch between cars
  •  Removable cover which you can easily clean


  •  With the Side Protection System your child is secured and kept upright in the safest position in the car seat.
  • Safe and simple child seat.


  • From approx. 3.5 years up to 12 years 15 – 36 kg
  •  Adjustable in height to grow with your child
  •  Only available for forward facing travel
  •  Made in Europe



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