Lovi – Cup With Handles +9m, 250ml – Raccoon

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The LOVI 360 ° mug helps in moving from sucking the liquid from a training cup and also a non-drip cup to drink from a glass. The profiled handles are adapted to the child’s little hands and have a rubberized non-slip coating. Antibacterial SteriTouch protection uses the natural, antibacterial properties of silver and allows reducing the bacterial population by up to 99.99% in 24 hours. The cap protects the cup cap against dirt. A compatible cap can be used interchangeably with the Hot & Cold Friends mug cap. The mug also has a stable, widened and covered with an additional layer of rubber base. It is made of materials that are safe for children and does not contain bisphenol A harmful to health. The 360 ​​° cap allows you to suck in fluid from anywhere around the edge. The innovative sealing system used accustoms the child to the natural way of drinking (like from an open cup), but without spilling, however, he is intentionally not a non-spill (when a strong shake or fall, drops of liquid come out), which teaches the child to control movements and prepares to drink from open cup. The sealing system is easy to clean. It has patented protection against bacteria It is intended for children over 9 months of age.

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