Chicco – Perfect 5 Baby Feeding Gift Set – Pink

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The perfect gift idea with Four essential products for a newborn baby.

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Perfect 5 150ml 0m+ Slow Flow Feeding Bottle: The anti-colic and bio-functional bottle that adapts to the suction needs of each baby in each feeding.
  • 1 x Phsyioforma Mini Soft 0-2m: A 100% silicone pacifier: all soft, small and light, ideal for newborns. PhysioForma helps the baby’s breathing: its exclusive design helps the tongue to position itself correctly.
  • 1 x Fashion Clip: A 2-in-1 pacifier clip with reversible print designed for pacifiers with or without a ring.
  • 1 x Chicco Wellbeing Glass Feeding Bottle 150ml (FREE GIFT)

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Perfect 5 is the only bottle with the innovative Intui-flow system, patented by Chicco, which combines the Physio Teat with the Equilibrium membrane to facilitate feeding in an intuitive and physiological way, naturally favoring sucking rhythm and intensity of each baby at each feeding, constantly adapting to the amount of air in the bottle and promoting a proven anti-colic effect.
Equilibrium Membrane: The Equilibrium membrane, at the base of the bottle, allows air to enter without mixing the milk, preventing a vacuum from being created inside the bottle and facilitate a quiet feeding, without interruptions or suffocation. It is a flexible anti-colic valve that continuously adapts to the suction rhythm thanks to its micro movements, constantly adapting to the amount of air in the bottle, minimizing air intake during feedings and thus limiting possible colic.
Physio Teat: Accepted by 98% of babies. With a symmetrical, flat and elongated shape that favors a correct grip and peristaltic movement of the tongue. Mini Soft fits perfectly to my baby’s face 95% acceptance. Mini Soft is perfect for the smallest. Mini Soft makes suction pleasant.
Center piece with hole. The Chicco Physioforma Mini Soft pacifier has been designed with a central piece that allows the adult to insert his finger, thus helping him to hold the pacifier and create a special atmosphere during pampering moments with the baby.
The pacifier clip that is included in this gift box is ideal for holding all kinds of pacifiers: both without a ring thanks to its silicone washer, and with a ring thanks to its practical rope.
Supports baby’s breathing: All Chicco pacifiers are PhysioForma with a unique nipple shape that helps position the tongue forward and upward for a natural opening of the airways.

PhysioForma was born from the collaboration between pediatricians, orthodontists and the Chicco observatory and they always been tried and tested!
From extra-soft silicone finish Soft sense for a pleasant feeling during shooting. Reduces interruptions, increasing suction by 68.8%. It favors a calm diet, reducing the number of regurgitations by 90% in the group tested. Reduces episodes of reflux, irritation and colic, according to 96% of parents.

Maximum hygiene and ease of use: The base of the bottle is threaded to disassemble the bottle into different parts and make cleaning easier and more thorough. You can independently clean the bottle cap, the nipple, the plastic body, the silicone membrane and the base of the bottle.

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