Sanosan Nappy Rash Cream 150ml

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Baby Nappy Care

With natural milk protein – the best from milk for healthy baby skin. Rich cream for the nappy zone with a high zinc content. Right from the start. Forms a protective film and keeps baby’s bottom dry.

Size:150 ml

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Benefits of the formulation:

  • Safety first: outstanding compatibility with babies’ skin – clinically tested
  • 0 % parabens, silicones, paraffins, phenoxyethanol
  • 91 % ingredients of natural origin (according to ISO Standard 16128)
  • Reliable protection from moisture
  • Contains high-quality organic olive oil

Nappy Cream is a rich cream with a high zinc content. It forms an antimicrobial barrier and keeps baby’s bottom dry. Nappy Cream does not only contain milk protein, the key ingredient of sanosan baby products, but also zinc with its excellent characteristics especially for the nappy zone.

How to use:

Apply to the clean, dry skin after every nappy change.

Milk protein:

Baby’s skin – different from adult skin

Your baby’s skin is something very special because its range of functions is not yet fully developed. With the right care, you can support the development of your baby’s skin.

Thinner layer

  • The protective  layer in baby skin is approx. 20 % thinner than in adult skin. Furthermore, the gaps between the horny cells are larger.
  • Baby skin loses moisture rapidly.

Fewer active sebaceous glands

  • Your baby’s sebaceous glands are not yet as active – they produce fewer lipids; the protective acid mantle still needs to develop fully.
  • Baby skin is drier and more sensitive.

Milk protein – the best from milk for healthy baby skin

Natural milk protein is the central, particularly skin-caring ingredient in sanosan. Midwives often recommend a splash of breast milk in the bath water for mild cleansing. We make use of this healing effect of milk: our products contain valuable natural milk protein.

Milk protein – for loving baby care

  • It acts like a protective layer on the skin and thereby helps to protect it from environmental influences.
  • It supports the skin’s natural moisture retention factors and thus saves it from drying out.
  • It helps with the development of a natural skin protection barrier and keeps the skin soft and supple.
  • Like a soft shell for baby’s skin: the amino acid chain in milk protein forms a protective layer on baby skin; this considerably reduces moisture loss.
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