Wee Baby – Natural Sippy Cup 250ml – 6m+

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Water need of the babies as well as vitamins and minerals are provided by breastmilk during their development. The transition to solid food is accelerating as mothers start to work or they are lack of breast milk. With the transition to supplementary food, the babies’ need for water will increase accordingly as babies’ consumption of food increases. Sippy cups that you will use during this period will help your baby to feel comfortable while drinking water. Wee Baby Natural Sippy Cups will be the most ideal option for you.

Product Details:
  • Soft and inclined teat tip is compatible with baby’s mouth tissue.
  • Suitable for 6+ months babies.
  • The teat is silicon and flexible.
  • Ergonomic and light bottle design helps baby to grasp the bottle easily.
  • Non-spill, non-drip special teat design.
  • Air vent on the anti-colic teat prevents babies to swallow air during feeding.
  • Anti-colic System.
  • Special valve system on the teat prevents baby swallowing air during feed. Liquid flows only by applying pressure on the teat tip.

Made from BPA-free materials Made from safe silicone

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Can be Safely Sterilized

Can be Safely Sterilized

Made from BPA-free materials

Made from BPA-free materials

BPA-free, manufactured at FDA standards.

Made from safe silicone

Made from safe silicone

Silicone is odorless, transparent & tasteless. It is resistant to pulling and easy to clean.


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