Safari Silicone Fruit Feeder – Mint 4m+

145.00 EGP

The silicone safari pipette helps you introduce and serve different foods such as fruits and vegetables from the sixth month without worrying about husks or seeds in a safe and hygienic way.

* Nipple made of hygienic silicone that is safe and soft on baby’s gums.
* Helps the child to obtain the nutritional value of some solid food items.
* Equipped with a non-smooth surface to help massage your baby’s teething gums.
* The nipple has very narrow holes so as not to harm the baby.
* Nipple feels similar to breastfeeding.
* Prevents the risk of choking by cutting large, unchewed foods.
* Small pieces of fruits or vegetables are placed at a cold temperature, and the child sucks them to relieve gum pain.
* Suitable during the transition from liquid foods to solid foods in a way that your child loves.
the use:
* It is preferable to start with fruits and then gradually introduce boiled vegetables as well.

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